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Pure, Authentic and Fresh Birds Nest
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Ethically sourced from Kalimantan, Indonesia
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The first wealth is health! Invest in yours with our bird's nests today
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Bliss Nest Capsule

Every birdsnest capsule is freshly hand-prepared with love and care by our experts. 0 chemicals and preservatives are used in the cleaning process to ensure that all the nutrients are retained in your favourite bird nest in Singapore. All our capsules are hand cooked using traditional double boiling method for best texture and quality before being tightly sealed in our unique lightweight capsule and conveniently delivered to your doorstep across Singapore. So that you can enjoy freshest bird nest any time, any where.

Enjoy Bliss Nest Capsule's Wide Selection of Bird Nest in Singapore

Choose from a range of up to 6 different bliss nest capsules, with each catered to specific need and preference. Choose our classic capsule to enjoy pure kalimantan bird nest by itself in Singapore. You may also select from our signature collection where we have infused additional goodness such as vitamins and collagen to provide even more wellness for different individuals. Be it pregnant lady, children, working adults or elderly, Bliss Nest Capsule have you covered.

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Premium Birdsnest Capsules for Pregnant Mother:

The EFG epidermal growth factor contained in it helps to maintain and whiten the skin of pregnant mothers. Take care of the intellectual development of babies. Trace elements, collagen, amino acids, precious sialic acid, every bite is nutritious, with no added preservatives.

It is very suitable for lady to prepare for pregnancy and to consume regular nourishment during the first trimester of pregnancy. Eat a bowl of Classic Capsule on an empty stomach every morning. If it is a deep nourishment in the second and later stages of pregnancy, you can take a bowl of classic every morning and evening and eat it half an hour before going to bed at night, which also helps you sleep well.

Best Bird Nest for Office Workers:

Staying up late and working overtime in the workplace, your face is dull and dull?

Busy family, no time to cook and maintain on the agenda?

Bird’s nest contains protein. Continuing to eat bird’s nest can enhance physical strength, maintain energy, promote metabolism, and improve sub-health status.

Have plenty of energy, can calmly cope with life and pressure!

Birdsnest Capsules for Kids:

Nourishes the lungs, improves immunity, balances nutrition, and enhances appetite.

Bird’s nest contains sialic acid, which can improve intelligence and memory, and promote the response of nerve cells. Children are in the golden stage of intelligence and memory development. Eating bird’s nest in moderation will let children win at the starting line!

Our Bird Nest Capsules

Pick and match your capsules. Enjoy our wide selection of capsules to fit your specific needs.

Capsule Gift Set

The perfect gift for special occasions. Enjoy premium bird nests packed in a beautiful gift box for your loved ones.


Indulge in premium bird nests being cooked and delivered to your doorstep every week with our subscription plan.

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