Brand Story

The story behind our Birds Nest

Our Passion

Our Birds Nest story began decades ago when Birds Nest Soup was consumed only special occasions in our Chinese household. Birds Nest was synonymous with delicacy, rarity, goodness of health and special family celebratory occasions. The history and goodness of Birds Nest will be told over and over as we each savored each sip of the carefully boiled soup with care and love.

Stories of how the first person in China to consume bird’s nest was Admiral Zheng He, after he coincidently discovered bird’s nests hidden on cliffs, of how Birds Nest is anti-aging, the source of health and longevity and a superfood for Chinese emperors throughout dynasties.

Research has since supported Birds Nest’s reputation as a superfood: bird’s nests contain vital amino acids, which contribute to the production of growth hormones associated with younger-looking skin, and promote healthy metabolism.

More than ever, our passion for Birds Nest grew over the years.

The story behind our Birds Nest

Our Story

Our company has a decade-long history of producing and selling bird’s nest in Indonesia and Singapore, with our business extending across Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China. Our primary focus is to supply high-quality bird’s nest raw materials to leading brands and retailers, ensuring customers enjoy premium products at competitive prices. Building upon this foundation, we introduced BNC, a brand offering freshly stewed bird’s nest in innovative capsule bowl packaging tailored to local preferences.

Our brand’s mission revolves around addressing consumer needs. Through extensive research and experimentation, we’ve developed a unique capsule bowl packaging, each containing a whole bird’s nest, which is lighter and safer than traditional glass bottles, enabling consumers to savor premium bird’s nest anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, we’ve introduced a range of beverages to enhance the dining experience. BNC – Bird’s Nest in a Bowl is more than just a product.

Our Brand Mission

Enabling everyone to enjoy high quality birdsnest !

Discover and enjoy the royal delicacy in Chinese Emperor’s diet with an innovative modern take that is packed with rich nutrients, goodness, care and convenience in a capsule.

Our Brand Values

We only offer the best Birds Nest as a hallmark of our brand.
Every capsule contains the maximum nutrients from “官 燕’ – Guan Yan.
From Our dry cleaning of 官 燕’ – Guan Yan to preparation serving customers, our approach is packed with a caring heart.

We use the finest quality Birds Nest – Guan Yan- (官 燕) and create everything with heart (心) Feel the goodness with every drop from BNC.

The name “Guan Yan “官 燕” means this is the gift prepared only for very prominent officials and eminent people.

Our Nest of Origins


Kalimantan is a world-renowned best place of origin for Birds Nests. Surrounded by rainforest and pristine rivers, swiftlets roam free in their natural habitat. The rich and diverse food resources contribute to bird’s nest’s higher nutrients, protein, and sialic acid. Thus, the bird’s nest produced here are white, tender and high in nutrients.

The nests of the edible-nest swiftlet (Aerodramus spp., Apodidae: Collocaliini), constructed entirely of hardened saliva are reputed to have a number of beneficial medicinal properties. Swiftlet nests are among the most expensive. In Asia, especially Indonesia accounts for around 70 per cent of the global nest supply.

Water-soluble protein from the swiftlet saliva contain amino acids which are the building blocks of cells, and can be found in abundance in a single bird’s nest.They also contain hormones like testosterone and estradiol, which play the role of regulating important bodily functions. It has also been proven that nests contain substances that promote tissue regeneration and cell growth, as well as boost your immune system.

At BNC, we choose only the finest quality from Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Brand Purpose

BNC inspires the appreciation of this superfood in an innovative, modern way.

❝ Edible Birds Nests are particularly valued in Chinese culture due to their rarity and high nutritional value ❞

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