We use the finest quality Birds Nest – Guan Yan- (官 燕) and create everything with heart (心) Feel the goodness with every drop from BNC.

The name “Guan Yan “官 燕” means this is the gift prepared only for very prominent officials and eminent people.

The Goodness You Deserve

“Guan Yan “官 燕”

These are considered the finest and purest because it is harvested from the very first time when the nest of swallow bird is completely built by the gradual condensation of mucus from their throats. Accordingly, this is is the grade that is individually selected for the aristocrats, prominent officials and eminent personages as a gift, hence the name “official “ or 官 燕.

How We Bring The Goodness To You:
We use the most traditional dry clean method to retain maximum nutrients.
Feathers and twigs can get stuck in the bird’s nest, and have to be meticulously picked out. With utmost care and heart, each of our worker can only clear 5 piece a day.

How We Compare
Our meticulous dry clean method is painstaking in comparison with wet clean methods. In wet cleaning, the nest is soaked in water until it softens enough to be cleaned. This water cleaning method is faster and can turn any dirty nest into edibles, but the process can cause nutrients to be lost.

The dry method can be used only for , ‘guanyan’ 官 燕 which are naturally very clean, and the process retains more than 90% of the nutrients.

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