Essential Capsule

Essential Capsule


Pure Kalimantan Bird’s Nest. No additives, preservatives added, design for regular consumption. Enjoy the traditional taste of bird nest at an affordable price.

Note: All the fresh cooked bird’s nest capsules are only last for 10 days (Expired date refer to capsule label). Chill Storage. Consume as soon as possible up on received. 

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You can choose more flavor when buying more than 1 capsule. Please indicate the rest of the flavors when you check out.

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Capsule Size

50g, 75g

Choose Flavour

Unsweetened, Brown Sugar, Rock Sugar, Honey, Lychee, Longan with Red Dates


1. How are your bird’s nests prepared?

We use the traditional cleaning method, which retains 90% of the bird’s nests’ original nutrients.Our dry bird’s nests are first soaked till soft. Dirt and impurities are then hand-picked out of the bird’s nests with care, before being home-boiled to the perfect silky and delicate texture. (As we use whole, dry bird’s nests, the fresh cooked bird’s nests should have a “noodle-like” texture.)

Our capsules are cooked and sealed to order, all natural with zero preservatives. In fact, we only prepare limited amount of capsule per day to ensure strict quality control of our bird nest.

2. How are your bird’s nests different from the rest of the bird’s nest products in the market?

Our bird’s nests are 100% pure and authentic, with zero preservatives added to them. In addition, our capsules offer the most convenient way of consuming bird’s nests. It’s fuss free: bring our lightweight capsules anywhere. It comes in different flavours such as Rock sugar, Brown sugar, Lychee, Honey and Longan Red Dates.

Dry bird nest:

Cordyceps are sourced locally from tibet (Not cultivated/farm)

Our bird nests come in full pieces, some other competitors ones are mixed with bird nest bits to increase its weight. Ours bird nest pieces are hence lighter for the same pieces, making it more value for money.

Mainstream bird nests are often soaked and cleaned then redry to form its original stage. But the process of soaking it can result in loss of nutrients and is hence unfavourable. Our bird nests are hand cleaned painstakingly to ensure maximum preservation of nutrients.

3. Where are your bird’s nests from?

Our bird’s nests are ethically sourced from Kalimantan, Indonesia. It is a world-renowned place for the finest and purest bird’s nests. The rich and diverse food sources contribute to Kalimantan bird’s nests higher nutrient and protein levels, extra tenderness and whiter appearance.

4. How long can you keep the bird’s nests for?

Recommended to consume within 10 days upon receiving for the best texture. Refer to the capsule below for best before date.Best recommended to be kept in fridge. Alternatively, it can be kept at room temperature for a day only. Capsules should still be kept away from harsh sunlight or high temperatures.

5. Why capsule packaging?

Fully enclosed packaging helps protect our bird’s nests from harsh light sources that may damage its nutritional components Made of lightweight material, the weight of our capsules are only 9% of that of glass containers with the same bird’s nest content, making them ultra-portableOur capsules are made for you to have them anywhere and anytime. No need to worry about fragile packaging or storage as our capsules are packed for one-time consumption.

6. What should be my bird’s nests intake?

We recommend to consume 1 capsules a dayYouth capsule filled with vitamin A and C to promote growth and boost body immunity. Sialic acid in bird nest promotes brain development, giving children an early edge over others. This capsule is for children.

Beauty capsule and Rejuvenation Capsule. Beauty capsule – filled with Vitamin C and Collagen to improve immunity system and prevent anemia while giving skin a radiant and smooth complexion.
Rejuvenation Capsule – filled with Vitamin B and Collagen to promote healthy cell growth and naturally improves skin and hair texture. 4. Collagen also reduces skin wrinkling and sagging to retain youthfulness.

These 2 capsules is for working adults, seniors and pregnant women:

Prime Capsule consist of cordyceps. It has anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects. It can protect against health problems such as asthma, depression, diabetes, fatigue, high cholesterol, and upper respiratory tract infections. This capsules is for adults or senior.

7. When should I consume my bird nest?

You can consume it any time of the day!

8. What is the weight of dry Birdnest contain in a capsule?

Small: Net weight 50g (6g dry Bird’s nest)
Large: Net weight 75g ( 9g dry Bird’s nest)


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