6 Star Crystal Bird’s Nest (官燕) Bliss Nest Capsules


6 Star Crystal Bird’s Nest (官燕) Bliss Nest Capsules


Most Premium ‘官燕”. Very good for health.

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Highest Grade Bird’s Nest you can ever find in the market. Our premium dry bird nests are ethically sourced from our own farm in Kalimantan, Indonesia. Every gram of our bird’s nests are carefully selected and traditionally dry-cleaned to ensure maximum nutrients are retained.

One piece of dry bird’s nests serves 2 when cooked.

Our dry bird’s nests are suitable for all age groups:

For ladies:
Boost overall immune and digestive system
Enhance skin complexion (brighter skin) and reduce skin wrinkles
Helps with woman facing irregular menstruation

For pregnant mothers:
Reduce stretch mark from childbirth for mothers to be
Improve vitality of foetus
Strengthen immune system for mother and child
Helps with baby’s brain development and improve intelligence

For working adults
Helps body to recover from long term tobacco and alcohol abuse
Nutritional boost and improving physical weakness
Helps with post operation recovery

For children
Stimulate digestive and respiratory systems of young children
Boost immune system
Promote healthy bone growth

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6 Star Crystal Dry Bird's Nest

35g, 100g, 200g, 500g


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