L Size Gift Box (for 6 Capsules Usage)

L Size Gift Box (for 6 Capsules Usage)


Discover the ultimate way to present wellness and luxury with our L Size Gift Box, designed to hold 6 capsules of our premium birdnest. Each sip offers a myriad of birdnest benefits, including enhanced immunity, radiant skin, and improved digestion. Perfect for health-conscious individuals, this elegant gift box is an exquisite way to share the tradition of vitality and nourishment. Surprise your loved ones with a thoughtful gift that not only looks impressive but also promotes their well-being with every delightful dose.

Gift Box only for 6 Capsules. The box come with Golden Spoon and Paper bag.


This is only gift box for customer who want to mix and match their capsule order.

Note: The box does not consist of any fresh cooked bird’s nest capsule!


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