Bird's Nest Products in Singapore

The Best Gift for Your Loved Ones

BNC offers only the best and most premium Bird’s Nest in Singapore. With a unique capsule bowl packaging made for easy consumption and storage, your worries for Bird’s Nest bottles being too heavy and fragile is gone. Our Bird’s Nest Capsule also comes in 2 different sizes, a variety of different flavours and types so we can better cater to your needs. Looking to share the joy of eating our Bird’s Nest? You can get in a giftbox of 2 or 6 bowls as well as our Instant Stewed Bird’s Nest giftset made for long and convenient storage, all perfect for gifting to anyone. We also offer Bird’ Nest beverages as well, drinks made or mixed with Bird’s Nest in mind. You will never be bored with our wide range of products and beverages.

Factors to Consider When Buying Bird Nest in Singapore

There are many dozens of different Bird’s Nest retailers in Singapore, why us? Our company has been engaged in production and sales of Bird’s Nest for over ten years providing the highest quality Bird’s Nest at the most value for money price. Now we have established BNC, a brand made for freshly stewed Bird’s Nest especially designed to meet the needs of the local market. Our products are of the highest quality, no preservatives or additives are added. Most Bird’s Nest are washed automatically through factory machines causing the nutrients to be lost in the process. At BNC, all Bird’s Nest impurities are manually hand-picked by our professionals so you can enjoy all the benefits and nutrients of Bird’s Nest to the fullest.

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