Bird Nest Gift Box Set

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Perfect Gift Set for Any Occasion

Not sure what kind of Bird’s Nest gift set to give? BNC offers a variety of different flavours and types of Bird’s Nest, making it suitable as a gift for any occasion. There are many different occasions that are suitable for gifting Bird’s Nest such as a gift for pregnant relatives or friends, baby shower and children, adults or elderly birthdays. Our Bird’s Nest signature selection is one of the best gifts you can get for someone. Trying to give a gift for someone pregnant or working? Our Beauty Capsule is perfect for them, it helps to strengthen their bodies due to overwork or general fatigue as well as improving skin tone.Wanting to get some nutritional food for your kids but they are too picky? Youth Capsule is made for them, allowing them to absorb the nutrients best for growth and development of the brain. Additionally we have flavours that kids enjoy such as the sweet tasting Lychee. How about Bird’s Nest for elderly? Our Prime capsule is more suitable as it provides antioxidants and anti-flammatory benefits to nourish kidneys, lungs and liver.We also have Instant Stewed Bird’s Nest gift set perfect for long duration and convenient storage.
Note: All the bird nest gift box set comes with gold spoon worth of $15.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

All of our Bird’s Nest are freshly cooked daily and contain no preservatives or additives. Additionally all impurities are manually hand-picked by our professionals, ensuring you get 100% of the nutrients provided by Bird’s Nest.
We offer islandwide delivery at $15/trip, delivery is also free for any orders above $350.
Our Classic capsule is our most popular as it is suitable for everyone. Flavours such as Rock Sugar and Honey are more popular as well due to it being more sweet and well known.
Bird’s Nest are best known for moisturizing your skin, boosting immune system, helps relieving fatigue, enhancing blood circulation and improving digestion.
Bird’s Nest is best consumed on an empty stomach such as in the morning or before going to sleep so the nutrients can be better absorbed by your body.
Birdnest Capsule

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