Capsules Set

Step 1: Select your capsules

Classic Capsule

Pure whole Kalimantan Bird’s Nest, one whole nest per capsule.

Youth Capsule

1. Made for children

2.Enriched Vitamin A and C

Beauty Capsule

1. Made for women and working adults

2.Enriched with Vitamin C and Collagen

Rejuvenation Capsule

1.Made for the perfect you

2.Enriched with Vitamin B and Collagen

Prime Capsule

Add with pure wild Tibetan cordyceps and Korean Ginseng. to provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits to nourish kidneys, lungs and liver.

Value Capsule

Pure Kalimantan Bird’s Nest

Noted:No additives, preservatives added , design for regular consumption

Step 2: Choose flavor

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Step 3 (optional) : Island Wide delivery

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Why Capsules

What are the Differences

Birdnest Capsule

Celebrate 520 Day with a Heartfelt Tradition

Give the Gift of Wellness with Luxurious Bird’s Nest Delicacies!

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